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Dear Friends,

The world of health and medical exploration is changing faster than ever before. Our industry is perpetually challenged by shrinking timelines and tighter resources, forcing companies to do more with less. With global integration comes a vast array of regulatory hurdles. Expectations for life science vendors are exacting, with no room for inexperience, and the stakes are higher than they've ever been. At Bright we are committed to a standard of constant improvement in efficiency, integrity, and ingenuity. We are always on the lookout for ever more elegant solutions to the task at hand. To serve our clients and our communities as well as we can, we never stop working on finding new, smarter ways of doing things.

I am pleased with what we've accomplished in our first decade. We're excited for the partnerships and collaborations yet to come. We are thrilled to contribute to groundbreaking science that improves the health and wellbeing of all. We will discover innovative ways to reach our goals and deliver service. We will pioneer in our field with purpose and excellence. We will keep our sights on leading edge advances, and pursue big goals. We will do more by being better.


Alison Macpherson

Alison Macpherson

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