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We at Bright place a high value on the scientific and creative benefits that come from maintaining a diverse team of people from multiple backgrounds and perspectives. Nowhere is diversity more important than in the life sciences. Diversity is the source of both innovation and scientific rigor. When you lack the insight that comes from multiple points of view, you miss things. This breadth of vision and understanding is particularly crucial in the fields of health, medicine, and biotechnology. The latest research bears this out. On the one hand, all people share well over 99% of the same genetic structure - our similarities are much greater than our differences. But on the other hand, those differences can make a huge difference - not only in how we see and approach the same questions, but also in a tangible physical way. In recent years, we've seen that people of different races, heritages and genders, actually metabolize certain drugs differently. One size does not fit all. So diversity in the life sciences is not only about fairness and equal access to business opportunities; it's also about improving the very treatments and medical solutions that we're all working on together.

Hand-in-hand with the new wave in scientific development we're experiencing, are incredible shifts in the way both research and the business of research are conducted. Global studies are now commonplace, as well as targeted studies dealing with very specific patient populations, and the need to navigate the labyrinth of various regulatory agencies both nationally and internationally.

And we're now just hitting our stride in the biotech revolution. The Human Genome Project was completed barely a decade ago, half a century sooner than many believed possible. And that has opened the door to unprecedented possibilities in the targeting of specific receptors with a new generation of drugs that are designed, rather than merely "discovered". We're braving New Frontiers as we approach the 21st Century. And we need as diverse an approach as possible, as these advancements begin to hit warp speed.

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