Phase IV


Patient identification, recruitment and retention into Post-Approval trials can be a challenge, especially with the competition for patients and their attention. Bright is singularly focused on delivering these trials on time within budget. Our teams are uniquely suited and experienced to meet your needs now.

Our post-approval areas of expertise are:

  • Patient registries
  • Safety surveillance studies
  • Prospective observational studies
  • Health Outcomes Research
  • Quality of Life Trials
  • Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO)
  • Phase IV Effectiveness Trials
  • Health Economics Studies
  • Retrospective Chart Review Studies
  • Expanded Access Program
  • Extending Lifecycle

We have clinical teams with the know-how and processes in place to effectively launch and manage Late Phase studies. We utilize technology to support the processes and keep our finger on the pulse of activities globally 24/7/365. We employ the latest push/messaging technologies in innovative and cost-conscious ways to meet your needs faster and more effectively, all the while providing you with a means to connect to your data instantaneously always.

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