Phase I-III
Clinical Trials


Bright Pharmaceutical Services is a full-service CRO with a ten-year history in the planning and management of Phase l-lll clinical the U.S. and globally. Founded in 2001, Bright was built on the premise that by exclusively using seasoned veterans of the clinical trials industry, the lion's share of costly errors and delays in enrolling and completing a trial can be avoided.

Bright's Program and Project Managers all have a minimum of six years' experience in clinical trials. They know how to anticipate the kinds of problems that new, inexperienced staff tend to miss. By avoiding the most common compliance and documentation snafus, we will keep you on-track for a successful trial, with accurate and excellent deliverables and submissions.

Data Management

Bright's impeccable data management procedure is carefully implemented, with multiple backups and safeguards, so that your data is always easily accessible and presentable for audit and submission purposes. Bright can provide your trial with both remote data capture (RDC) and paper or fax modalities, depending on your organization's needs, timeframe and budget. Our team will collaborate with your staff and the individual investigators, to craft the protocol, to develop the CRFs, and to initialize and maintain your database.

Every member of our team is focused on the accuracy of your data, and the efficiency of your clinical trial's operation.


Nowhere is the vast experience of our skilled team of long-term professionals more apparent than in our stable of highly-experienced monitors. We've assembled a top-tier network of monitors who work in locations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia and the Pacific Rim, who can take on new projects with very little lead time.

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