Clinical Monitoring


Efficient, detail-oriented and experienced monitors are hard to come by. Bright staffs only the most highly regarded and experienced monitors in the business. These well-respected monitors have built their reputations through years of in-depth involvement in the field of clinical research, and the relationships they have with clients and physicians are connections that they take pride in. Our US monitors are scattered strategically throughout the country and have international experience in Phase I – IV trials in an array of therapeutic areas. Our international monitoring staff is located in all major continents where clinical research is conducted regularly. Plus, our stable of contractors, most of whom we've worked with for nearly ten years, complements our ranks, filling gaps in lesser prominent countries. We work strictly with top pharmaceutical professionals, with proven track records, who are experienced with electronic data capture and monitoring remotely. With Bright associates monitoring your projects you can rest assured that a capable, knowledgeable monitor is there to partner with your investigative sites and staff, contributing to an overall positive working experience. Communications between the site and the client are the backbone of a smoothly run trial. Bright monitors work effectively as an addition to your team or as a team unto themselves.

Besides checking the boxes and masterfully reviewing critical data you'll find that our monitoring staff provides boutique services to you and the site. You'll benefit from their professionalism and ability to diplomatically handle all levels of site staff, vendor representatives and key regulatory representatives. Their commitment goes beyond showing up when they're supposed to: because of their fluency with our industry they're able to detect nuances of a project - that final 2%, that can affect a change for the good for an entire trial. Their energy, enthusiasm, and full concentration on your trial shifts the momentum and enhances enrollment, site compliance and ultimately the quality of your data. It's a real tangible difference that makes your trial a pleasure to conduct. We can't wait to work with you and support your study.

At Bright, this is the only type of pharmaceutical professional we contract with. You won't find a stable of only this caliber of monitor anywhere else.

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