Medical Writing


Even the most impeccably-documented plans can eventually morph into an unreadable mountain of notes if they are not converted into a concise, detailed, and comprehensible document by a skilled medical writer. Bright's medical writers are all published authors experienced with all of the practical aspects and nuances of the the medical publishing sector.

Our medical writing team is capable of keeping pace with the various changes and edits that arise when the scope and timeline of your project or trial change. Bright medical writers can bob and weave with the ever-changing needs of your project, taking you from your initial plans all the way through your regulatory documents submission, with comprehensive information that can easily be referred back to in the future, for backup documentation and future publication.

Our writing team serves clients worldwide, with documents and reports that can be accurately translated into other languages, avoiding ambiguous phraseology that can lead to misunderstandings or inaccuracies.They use our SOPs and document templates to ensure a consistently first-class standard of service wherever your work is done.

Experienced Team

As a valued client of Bright, you will work directly with our staff of medical writers, all of whom have at least one scientific degree, usually a master's or PhD, as well as experience in scientific and/or clinical research in many therapeutic areas. Our team members have at least 6 years of experience, and most have many more. And no matter what templates, writing style, or electronic document management system you use, our experts will write, track, revise, and finalize your documents within your particular specifications and timelines. We have no upper or lower limit in size or scope, whether you are a small device company with one product or a large pharma needing writing services for large-scale worldwide clinical trial, Bright's Medical Writing Team can accommodate your needs. We are able to arrange a suitable program for you, whether you're in need of a fixed-price project, a fee for service arrangement, or a partnership on a large-scale contract.

Study Reports for Phases I-IV

Our Study Reports are of enormous benefit to our sponsors in several ways: Firstly, our authors know what crucial information the leading Editors require for publication. Additionally, Bright Study Reports are easily understandable, clear, and concise. Rather than wading through dense tomes of superfluous jargon, you, our sponsor, will receive useful reference materials with relevant information to help you keep track of the crucial information about every stage of your project. Bright Study Reports serve as the source documents for future publications and presentations about the genesis of your compound or device.

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