Project Management


Bright Project Managers are highly-skilled clinical professionals, each having a substantive career in the field, giving them the ability to fully understand the unique technical aspects of each project.

Bright's Project Managers place customer communication as the top priority for ensuring the smooth implementation of your trial's protocols and procedures. From inception to completion, we develop a project-specific communications plan based on your team's requirements

Our Program Managers all have a minimum of six years' experience in the clinical trials industry. They have all been fully vetted in the their ability to foster an environment of smooth collaboration, clear and easy communication and a constant eye toward fiscal prudence. This approach keeps lines of authority clear and responsive, and ensures that decisions can be implemented in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Project Management services include the following:

Project Management, Coordination, and Action Phases

  • Oversight of Project Team
  • Task Ownership Matrix
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Project Planning and Implementation
  • Financial Management
  • Risk Assessment and Resource Allocation
  • Client Liaison

Communication Plan

  • Regular Communication to the Project Team regarding goals, strategies, deadlines, and progress
  • Coordinating and Conducting Project Team Meetings
  • Participation in Project Kick-off Meeting
  • Development and implementation of detailed Communication Plan and Chain of Authority

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