Program Management


Bright's approach to program management is one that aims to keep our clients in the loop and in control of their trials at all times, while removing the burdens and stresses related to the often opposing forces of speed and accuracy on the one hand, and budget constraints on the other.

Our seasoned Program Managers are equipped to keep your project on-track while pre-empting whatever unpredictable issues may arise, particularly when dealing with challenging populations or in multiple locations with differing local regulatory requirements. Bright utilizes comprehensive Project Management Plans to ensure that all deliverables come in on time, and within the prescribed budget. These plans define and guide implementation of the scope of our work, and include a Risk Management Plan that defines anticipated difficulties, and provides recommendations for their prevention and quick resolution.

Our Program Managers all have a minimum of six years' experience in the clinical trials industry. They have all been fully vetted in their ability to foster an environment of smooth collaboration, clear and easy communication, and a constant eye toward fiscal prudence. This approach keeps lines of authority clear and responsive, and ensures that decisions can be implemented in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Program Management services include:

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Control
  • Financial Consultation and Planning
  • Schedule and Resource Management
  • Communications Coordination
  • Vendor Management
  • Contract Management

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