Patient Recruitment


After all the preparatory work is complete, a study finally gets underway with its first task of recruiting subjects. This crucial step determines, from the outset, the success of the study. Finding qualified patient in the time frame that you need them is our top priority. This is the step where most studies get off course. Bright Pharmaceutical Services has the benefit of over a decade of experience recruiting and enrolling eligible patients into a variety of studies across a breadth of therapeutic areas and patient populations. By keeping all aspects of the recruiting process under one roof, we believe there are fewer opportunities to have the study go awry. By lending our expertise to recruitment and enrollment we're concerned with more than referring candidates - we're committed to supporting the investigators and their staff in retaining patients in the trial.

Our in-house media department is responsible for the conception, creation and full production of all advertising. We are experienced with all types of media and are able to place ads in all markets at the best prices with our preferred provider agreements. Our advertising concepts are generated with the aim of specifically appealing to the potential caller, be it the patient, the family member, or the caregiver, depending upon the indication.

Our company supports sites in their enrollment endeavors in many ways. Bright can create phone screening forms, call center support, and on-site patient screening forms, as well as a host of other recruitment tools. All intended to educate the patient and get the enrollment process of on the right foot and keep it on course for the remainder of the trial.

Services include:

  • Call Center
  • Study Branding
  • Site Kits
  • Advertising - Ad creation and media buys
  • Media campaign management
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Site surveys and site staff education
  • Focus Groups
  • Media Briefs
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Lunch and learns
  • Community Outreach
  • SMS/Text Messaging for Recruitment, Retention and Project Management
  • Retention Programs and fulfillment
  • Site support items – procurement, branding, fulfillment

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